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About NRT

Not Really Trying or NrT started  as an Xbox Rainbow Six Siege organization. After realizing their dirty console ways, they migrated to PC in September of 2017. NrT has since gained 250+ active followers, no not just their family, a CS:GO, Rocket League team and a dedicated game caster!

We look forward to becoming the next up and coming eSports organization and need your help to get there! Whether you support us on stream or are a part of our subscribers. We would love to hear from you! Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are our only hope!

Want to Sponsor or Team Up With NrT?

We are always looking to grow our name and our brand. If you would like to assist us in doing so, let us know! Working with NrT, you get access to our Community of members and our affiliated communities as well.

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